The Renter must provide proof of verifiable insurance coverage. This is to protect all parties, as You, the renter, could ultimately be held personally accountable and responsible for any and all damages or injuries that might arise during the term of your rental contract. Comprehensive and Collision coverages are highly recommended due to such conditions and considerations. Withnell Motor Company does carry and meet the minimum liability requirements on all of its vehicles, as mandated by Oregon State Law. Withnell does offer, for an addition charge, Optional Coverages to help protect you further from being held financially responsible.


Optional Protection Plans & Coverages

Withnell offers (for an additional charge) a selection of optional coverages to proctect you, the Renter. Before accepting or declining any such plans, you should always check with your current insurance provider to see what, if any, financial resposibility you might be held accountable for. Many major credit cards offer some form of supplemental coverage as well. Check the policy and terms of your card issuer. None of the coverages offered are required in order to secure a rental vehicle through Withnell. However, they may greatly reduce or even eliminate financial burdens placed on you, in the event of an accident, or any number of unforesable and unfortunate events that can occur at any time. Please read carefully over the plans offered, as well as keeping in mind your own policy's coverages,

before making a decision. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask one of our rental agents.

Damage Waiver:

By accepting the Damage Waiver, you may reduce or even eliminate being held financially responsible for damage to the rental vehicle. Withnell will cover the amount equal to the deductible on your personal insurance coverage, up to maximum of $1,000. In the event of an accident or damages, it is up to you, the Renter, to determine whether or not you should file a claim on your personal insurance coverage. However, you would still be responsible for any remaining balance or damages that your insurer does not cover. Any damages, accidents, or claims must be reported to an authorized Withnell Car Rental agent as soon as possible.

SLI (Supplemental Liability Insurance)

By accepting the SLI, Withnell provides additional protection from third party claims made against you for bodily injury or property damage. Coverage includes up to a combined limit of $1,000,000.

RAW (Roadside Assistance Waiver)

By accepting the RAW, Withnell provides coverage for daily incidentals such as: windshield rock chips, punctured tires, interior spills or stains, vehicle lockouts, and even lost keys. Incidents are evaluated on an individual basis for approval and subject to the terms and conditions.

What to do in case of an accident or damage:

Conact a representative at Withnell Car Rental as soon as possible. We will assist in making appropriate provisions, and work to resolve any issues, to best accomodate all parties involved. For daily incidentals, such as those covered under the RAW, again, contact Withnell Car Rental as soon as possible. If you are local within the Willamette Valley, we ask that you contact Precision Towing and Recovery, for any flat tire, towing, or lockout issues that might arise. In the event that an issue occurs outside of the immediate area, Withnell will work with you to reimburse or cover any receipt or invoice, if proper authorization and conditions apply. Withnell understands that accidents happen. Our goal is to work with you as fluently and stress free as possible, as well as to resolve any issues in as reasonably a timely manner as possible.

*Optional Coverages are subject to the full Terms and Conditions of the Rental Agreement. Any actions deemed in breach of the Rental Agreement may void any such coverages.